4 Horsemen Racing News:
5/17/07 Race #3 at La Junta Raceway has been cancelled. Track management had not confirmed the MRA's requested dates, so the MRA board of directors decided to cancel the event rather than potentially wait until the last minute for a decision that would leave the racers little or no time to plan for the event. There will be no MRA races in June.
  • We're proud to announce that Breckenridge Brewery has agreed to continue supporting the team for another year, and once again, we'll have free ice-cold beer at the end of each event day.
  • Hoopty broke his leg while playing inline hockey on 4/01. No, it wasn't an April Fools joke - he broke his tibia and fibula in a common hockey injury, requiring surgery to plate his tibia. Doctors say that he shouldn't race for 14 weeks (about mid-July), but Dave didn't want to loose too many points in the Modern Vintage classes, so he decided he was going to go out and do a lap in each race. Dave must have been feeling pretty good, because not only did he finish both races, but he managed to get 4th place in both of them as well!
  • Results from Race 1 at Pueblo Motorsports Park have been posted, and the points standings have been updated. See the menu on the left for links or click here for results. and here for points standings.
  • A few words from the webmaster:
    I'd like to apologize for not updating the website since the end of July. Gene's death was much harder on me than I expected, and it was difficult for me to even look at our website, let alone make any updates to it. Even now, after all this time has passed, I wasn't really up to the task of getting it ready for the new season was , but it had to be done. The hardest part was updating Gene's profile and turning it into a memorial page/tribute to him.
    Thanks for your understanding,
  • Sponsorship updates:
  • First and foremost, we'd like to thank our our 2006 sponsors for their support last year!
  • We're proud to announce that 5280Tech.com, TK Motorsports, Performance Cycle, and Rebellion Motorsports (formerly AXIS Motorsports) have all agreed to continue supporting the team, as have Snap-on Tools (distributed by Jimmy Ziegler), and Winter Creek Condos. We are still in negotiations with some of our other sponsors from last year.
  • We are very pleased to announce a new, and title sponsor for the team:
    Go Fast Sports, makers of the Athlete’s Energy Drink! Go Fast Energy Drink has better flavor, more active ingredients, lower sodium and NO PRESERVATIVES! It is lightly carbonated, refreshing and formulated with Australian Honey instead of high fructose corn syrup. Go Fast's exclusive herbal blend offer a longer, smoother, more-sustained energy boost than other high-sugar products on the market. We'll have Go Fast Energy Drinks to hand out at the races this year, so come by our pits for a can. Make sure you grab a Go Fast sticker too, and tell all your friends about Go Fast Energy Drinks.
  • Lineup changes:
  • There have been several racers interested in joining our team, and there are others that normally pit with us when they do race, but rather than expanding the team, we've decided to keep the established members of the team, namely Dave "Hoopty" VanDeWeert - #89, Bob "Spiderman" Hasenhundl - #24, and Joe LoGalbo - #55.
  • To help the racers that have approached us, we have formed a Satellite Team of racers who we will be assisting with their race efforts. Currently, members of the Satellite Team are:
  • Joe Lott - #28
  • Jenny - #246
  • Jason "Canuck" Griffiths - #269
  • Sasha Taranto - #186
  • Mark "Puck" Duskus - #719 (# tentative)

    Click here to find out more about the Satellite Team.
  • 2006 rest-of-the-season hilights:
  • Race #5, Pueblo Motorsports Park, August 12-13
    Saturday was the "Gene Bazyl 4-Hour Endurance Race" and the team was going to ride Bob's R6, but while getting acquainted with the bike, teammate Joe Lott had a nasty high-side crash during practice. The crash left Joe with a broken wrist and badly bruised foot. The bike was unrideable and the team was unable to compete in the endurance race.

    Hoopty had a surprise for the weekend, with the target being the Amateur GTO race. He had borrowed the GSX-R1000 of former racer Doug "Lurch" Lyle (#99). Hoopty put in a good showing in Open Supersport and Open Superbike, warming up for the main event. In AmO, Hoopty was leading the race going into the last lap, but overshot Turn 1, taking the run-off road. He finished the race in 8th place.

    Joe LoGalbo raced his new bike for the first time and finished in 16th in bothis classes.
  • Race #6, La Junta Raceway, August 26-27
    Hoopty was back on his GSX-R600 and took 3rd place in the Solo Endurance Middleweight.

    Bob got his R6 fixed up enough to be rideable, and despite a low-side crash in Sunday morning practice, managed to compete in his 3 classes.

    Joe LoGalbo saw some improvement on the new bike, finish 12th in Amateur GTO.
  • Race #7, Motorsports Park Hastings, September 9-10
    Bob was the only member of the team to make the trip to Nebraska. Saturday was a non-stop deluge of rain, and Sunday's forecast didn't look much better, so Bob had TK Motorsports cut grooves into his Bridgestone tires, making them into intermediate rain tires.

    Bob finished 10th in Middleweight Superbike, his best finish ever in that class, which was made even more valuable due to the fact that he hadn't turned a wheel on the track before Sunday morning. In Amateur GTU, he finished in 6th place, another respectable finish, all things considered. Bob decided not to run Middleweight Supersport because the grooved tires made his bike illegal for the class.
  • Race #8, Pueblo Motorsports Park, September 23-24
    Hoopty took 11th place in Solo Endurance Middleweight.

    Bob had a bad crash in Saturday afternoon practice which left him unconcious. He went to the hospital to get checked out for the concussion and a sore shoulder and elbow. No breaks were found, but the shoulder was really sore, so Bob was in a sling for a while.

    Hoopty had a bad crash in Sunday morning practice that left him banged up a little, and his bike in need of a little TLC. Hoopty decided to sit-out his races for the day.

    Joe LoGalbo showed some more consistency with his finishes: 12th in Heavyweight Superbike, and 13th in Amateur GTO
  • Race #9, Motorsports Park Hastings, October 7-8
    Hoopty took 5th place in Solo Endurance Middleweight.

    Bob's shoulder was still a little sore from his crash, and put in a few practice laps Saturday afternoon to see if he could be competetive. Things were looking good until he came in and the adrenaline started wearing off. The pain was unbearable. It turns out that Bob had a broken scapula (shoulder blade), so no racing this weekend for him.

    Hoopty represented the team well, with top-10 finishes in all his classes, despite it being his first time at the track.
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