4 Horsemen Racing 2005 Season Results:

Race #1, Pueblo Motorsports Park, May 1st
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Race 1 at Pueblo was cancelled after a vote by riders not to race in the cold snow/rain.

The day started out cold and wet, but the track dried out enough for us to put in some practice laps. It started snowing again around 10:00 AM, and after one of the faster experts (Mike Applehans, #25) crashed while on the dragstrip-portion of the straightaway (on a Suzuki SV-650 - a low-horsepower bike), it was deemed that the dragstrip was far more slippery than originally anticipated, and was causing unsafe conditions. This, mixed with the fact that several riders were complaining of snow buildup on their helmet visors caused the MRA board of directors to hold a vote among the riders to decide if we should race or not. The majority voted not to race, so the day was officially cancelled.